Fusion food: a food that combines elements of two different cultures into one delicious dish. While the term has gained some negative attention over the years, many diners still enjoy the mixture of their favorite foods. One of the best-known examples of fusion foods is the “Tex-Mex” style of Southwestern foods, incorporating elements of Texas-style cooking with those of Mexican cuisine. Spring Street Pub & Grill offers a variety of cuisines incorporating American, Italian, and German cuisine—while few of our dishes are completely “fusion,” we’ve seen many of our customers create a fusion meal, adding traditional Italian appetizers to a German entrée, and following up with an American dessert.

Who’s into fusion food? Pretty much everyone. While combinations of food have existed since the first two unrelated groups of people met, the term and the specific type of cuisine has only been around since the 1970s. Until a few years ago, the term was not even that popular, but recently, fusion foods have been taking the restaurant industry by storm! In particular, Millennials enjoy fusion foods, seeking out the combinations that best suit their individual taste buds. While children can be wary of new dishes, fusion foods can bridge the gap—put it on a pizza or in pasta and most food-cautious individuals will be way more likely to try it!

What’s so good about it? When combined properly, fusion foods can bring together the best of two worlds that have never been together before! Can’t decide between one type of cuisine or another? Fusion is your go-to! Even more, if you feel bored by everything you try to eat, fusion dishes can bring excitement and novelty to your menu. Combining foods in different ways can enhance and change the ways that each individual element tastes, so foods that you may not like in one context can be completely delicious when added to a fusion dish. Expand your palate and even add in some healthy items by mixing them with tried-and-true dishes that you love.

If you haven’t hopped on the fusion bandwagon, give it a try! You can find plenty of foods from different cultures when you are seeking a restaurant in New Jersey, and these can also be paired with a variety of beer, wine, and spirit options for a fully-immersed cultural sensation. No matter what sorts of foods you like, consider mixing them up for a new and exciting combination.