Do you consider yourself to be a food connoisseur? Are you always up for trying the hottest new foods you can find? If you are, you may be interested in some of the top food trends of 2016. Whether you are interested in dining at your favorite restaurant in New Jersey, sampling some of the top recipes for your at-home cooking projects, or just browsing some new and different recipes to expand your ever-growing collection, consider checking out these top food trends for some inspiration!

Bite Bugs Back!
Insects are one of the hottest food trends of 2016. Fueled by adventurous Millennials and Generation Y kids, crickets, ants, spiders, and all assortments of creepy crawlies are making their way onto your menus. While many cultures have embraced the rich protein and antioxidant benefits of bugs for many years, Americans are just now joining the trend.

Fishy Friends
A popular focus of many fine chefs is “underutilized” fish—not your average salmon, tilapia, trout, or cod—but species such as the sea robin, sheepshead, or tautog. Expand your deep horizons by trying out a new dish.

Waste Gets Wasted
While not exactly a food trend, the concept of waste-free kitchens has taken off amongst both the frugal and the environmentally conscious. To reduce your waste, consider using parts of food that you might not have otherwise used, such as peels, stems, or cores of vegetables, to make deep and delicious broths. Homemade dog food can also be a great use for foods that would otherwise be wasted, such as freezer-burned meat, ends of vegetables, or washed peelings of apples or carrots.

Throwback Time: Ancient Grains
Chasing on the heels of the now-beloved quinoa comes a full lineup of grains as old as our ancestors. Try faro, kamut, amaranth, chia, kamut, or spelt to experience a wide variety of tastes, textures, proteins, and vitamins that you may not otherwise encounter. These grains often contain full strings of amino acids, meeting protein contents. This can be especially helpful for vegetarians, and the whole grain options are a wonderful addition to any meal or recipe.